On the day I received notice of dismissal at my place of work, I enabled my phone’s navigation function way back home. Before I walked, having set home as my destination, Kakao Navi notified "I have veered off the course" loudly as I wandered around.
  I am interested in how artists can survive in a world of late capitalism. My life as a creative practitioner and as an irregular worker trying to maintain a basic livelihood is precarious, and so, moving forward is difficult. Sometimes I feel alone, separated from the dimensions of time and space. I use video, performance, sculpture, and installation, therefore, in order to explain the sensations that dominate modern society; the sense of being disenfranchised, outside, not belonging, and disorientated.
  My work begins with close observations of the quotidian. In it, I talk about the fundamental human values which I think we are leaving behind. But I do not wish to change the world through my work by engaging with meta-discourse, rather, I am seeking to comment on society by humorously conveying the microscopic view of single members living in this society.
29 Nov 2021
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