Stove by a Whale: Momentarily onto neither Land nor Sea

18. 04. — 05. 05. 2024
Artists | Steven He &Seongeun Lee
Curator | Jia Yue He
Graphic Design | Agnete Morell

Organized by Staffordshire St Gallery
Production budget | Sponsored by the Eaton fund 

"We're interested in areas where tides change, and the ground isn't firm.
While architecture grounded in rational thinking is built on solid land, this shifting terrain challenges traditional paradigms. In this horizontal space without hierarchy, we explore new possibilities. By showing this liminal space, we invite the audience to envision a place like a border crossing between two worlds."

"이번 전시는 해변 즉, 조수가 변하고 땅이 단단하지 않은 지대를 조성하는 것을 목표로 한다. 합리적 사고에 기반을 둔 남성적 건축은 견고한 땅을 전제로 한다. 수직적 건축이 불가능한 유동적 지형은 전통적인 패러다임에 도전한다. 위계가 없는 수평적 공간에서 우리는 새로운 가능성을 탐구한다."


The Arrival: What’s in my Suitcase? | workshop | Saturday 20 April, 2-4 pm  (Workshop facilitator: Bettina Fung)

Constructing Furure Mammals | workshop | Saturday 27th April, 11am-1pm

Southwark Archives | offsite workshop | Wednesday 1 May, 3-5 pm

Community Drumming | workshop | Saturday 4 May, 2-3 pm
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